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What should you pay attention to when cleaning the kitchen grinder

In modern kitchens, the kitchen grinder is a very practical and multi-functional device that can provide us with processing services for various ingredients. However, regular cleaning is crucial if you want to ensure the performance and longevity of your grinder.
Regular cleaning:
Regular cleaning is key to maintaining grinder performance. It is recommended to clean it after each use to prevent food residue and bacterial growth. If it is not used for a long time, it should also be cleaned regularly to avoid accumulated dirt and bacteria from causing damage to the machine.
Disassembly and cleaning:
When cleaning the grinding mill, you should first disassemble the various removable parts, such as grinding discs, hoppers, filters, etc. Wash these parts thoroughly with warm water and mild detergent to remove food residue and grease. Avoid using cleaners containing corrosive ingredients to avoid damage to the machine.
Attention to detail:
Pay attention to details when cleaning, such as using a soft brush or sponge to wipe the surface of parts such as grinding discs and filters to ensure thorough cleaning. At the same time, check each component for damage or foreign matter residue, and repair and clean it in time.
To prevent moisture residue:
After cleaning, all parts should be dried to ensure no moisture remains. You can wipe the various parts with a clean towel and place them in a well-ventilated area to dry. Preventing moisture retention is key to preventing bacterial growth and machine rust.
Regular disinfection:
In addition to regular cleaning, regular disinfection is also very important. Special disinfectant or food-grade alcohol can be used to disinfect various parts of the grinder to kill bacteria and viruses and ensure the safety and hygiene of food processing.
In addition to cleaning, regular maintenance is also key to maintaining the performance of the grinding mill. Regularly check the operating status of the machine and the wear and tear of each component, and replace damaged components in a timely manner to ensure the normal operation of the machine.
Be safe:
When cleaning the grinder, be sure to pay attention to safety to avoid electric shock and injury. Before cleaning, the power plug should be unplugged to ensure that the machine is powered off. At the same time, be careful to avoid touching the rotating parts of the machine with your hands to avoid accidental injuries.